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Self-Care Formula for After a Breakup

When you’re in a relationship, so much of your energy goes to that other person and to maintaining the relationship. Self-care is about taking that same energy you were used to putting out toward your partner, and harnessing it back toward yourself.

Check in with yourself right now and ask, “How do I take care of myself today?" 

Self-Care allows you to cultivate a deeper sense of connection with yourself, your body and your environment.

Download and print this Self-Care Formula to help you:

  • Create a foundation for how to take care of yourself & your energy systems

  • Lay the groundwork for deeper healing work that’s to come

  • Refine the best Self-Care Formula for you (everyone is different)

  • Discover which activities bring you the most joy and connect you to yourself

  • Become more aware of ways you enjoy taking care of yourself

How to use this Self-Care Formula:

  • Print out 4 copies for the month (1 per week)

  • Set an intention for how you would like to take care of yourself

  • Start small, with 1-3 activities/habits a week and pick a goal that feels practical and realistic

  • Choose a balance between yin (restorative) activities and yang (high energy) activities

  • Check in with yourself everyday. Ask yourself, “Am I taking care of myself? How can I best take care of myself?”. The more frequently you ask yourself this, the more you will learn.

Always be compassionate with yourself, meeting yourself wherever you’re at during the week, or on that day.

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