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Christian, Psy.D., MA

During my undergraduate and graduate years, I studied East-West psychology and learned how Buddhist practices such as mindfulness meditation facilitated in healing and personal growth. Since then, I have been a mindfulness practitioner for over a decade with a background in Vipassana meditation and non-dual contemplative practices. Mindfulness meditation has transformed my life, my relationships, and my work in so many ways. It continues to inspire and inform the healing work I do with others. I am continually amazed at the mysterious and wild unfoldment of this life in each one of us and it is my honor to be a witness to that journey. 

  • MA Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology

In 2013, I received a MA in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Transpersonal psychology integrates the spiritual as well as transcendent aspects of the human experience through East-West modalities of modern psychology. 

In 2016, I received a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology, Spiritually Oriented degree at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Spiritually Oriented Clinical Psychology integrates approaches of humanistic and transpersonal psychology within the traditional clinical psychology model. 

  • Psy. D. Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Spiritually Oriented

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