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Brooke, 27, Operations Consultant 


"Working with Dr. Jen was a massive help to me during one of the most difficult times of my life. She provided space and support for me to process and work through core issues and helped to align my mind, body and spirit. Her use of guided meditations during our sessions was extremely healing. Her holistic background drew upon the very best of what both the East and West have to offer when understanding the human experience."

Teresa, 33, Community and Programs Director 


"I’ve worked with Dr. Jen to heal childhood trauma and shadow work as it arises in daily life, as well as navigating relationships and transitions. Her combination of mindfulness and awareness practices helped me tremendously tune in with the sensations and experiences in my body--offer them compassionate space for them to arise, and gently allow them to process and shift. Her work with relationships and dating helped guide me to spaces of more clarity, empowerment, and access deeper truths within. Her own connection to intuition combined with knowledge and experience creates a grounded and trusting container always leaving me feeling heard, understood, easeful, and ready to make aligned decisions."

Rachel, 29, School Counselor 


"Dr. Jen is truly one of a kind. Exceptionally warm, present, and compassionate, she puts you at ease and makes you feel seen and supported. I needed help managing my anxiety around my relationship. She gave me the tools and resources I needed to better understand where my fear was coming from and how I could best manage my fears on my own. I learned tools from self-compassion practices to mindfulness mediation. I was so impressed by Dr. Jen's somatic (body-based) approach, and it has by far been the most helpful for addressing my anxiety. Thanks to Dr. Jen I feel more grounded, less fearful, and better able to navigate the ups and downs of life. "

Jessica, 34, Herbalist


"Sometimes, I don't recognize the person I was before I met Jen. I remember how unhappy and discontented I was with my prior self- living in a mental fog. I was drawn by Jen's mindfulness therapy and didn't want to work with anyone who had another agenda. Having never gone to a professional therapist before seeing Jennifer, I learned early on to show up, be open and trust her guidance- all which she made easy to do.


Jen is kind, patient, and never judgmental. I had so much internalized pain, I didn't realize how far it dragged me down. Pretty early on, she was able to breakthrough to me- I will never forget the feeling. Jen used many different tools to access vulnerability and hard truths I spent so long trying to bury; and she embraced it when I finally addressed it. The tools addressed and affirmed my experiences- things I never gave myself time or permission to do. And by practicing this over time, it allowed me to recognize the deep connections between my mental blocks, my suppressed emotions, my physical reactions in times of stress. When I finally surrendered, there was pure exhaustion in all parts of my body as if I had worked out hard for many hours. From this moment on, I knew that Jennifer was able to access parts of me that needed to be seen and heard.


I slowly began to recognize what aspects of my life didn't align with my true self. And I came upon "truths" or epiphanies when I was with her- mediating and making big choices, like deciding to change jobs. This innate drive allowed me to make the change in a matter of weeks and I've been much happier at my new job. By working with her, I have been more effective with communicating my boundaries to my loved ones. I've learned to feel what overwhelm and stress feels like in my body so I can manage it better. I've been able to check in with myself more often and redirect. But as a result of me working on me, the most important and valuable impact have been the relationship with my closest family."

" I gained so many important skills during my time with Dr. Christian. She opened my eyes to how strongly emotions affect our physical body. I particularly enjoyed taking mindful pauses during emotionally-charged moments in therapy. I continue to use that as a coping strategy in my everyday life. I was drawn to Dr. Christian because I struggled with meditating on my own, but I can proudly say that I meditate several times a day now and it's honestly one of my favorite pastimes. I would recommend Dr. Christian for anyone who is seeking to connect to their full selves in a deeper, integrated way." 

-Alice, 37

"I was having a tough time navigating my emotions on my own. I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, anxious, and just unsure of what the future looked like or how I could get myself out of feeling stuck. From our first session, Jennifer listened with empathy, compassion, honesty and comfort. Jennifer worked with me around breath work and meditation, which helped me deal with my anxiety and help build confidence in my ability to self-soothe. Therapy with Jennifer has allowed me the space to look at parts of myself and my life that I had been avoiding or felt unsure of. Jennifer allowed a safe space to open up, lessen the emotional burdens I had been feeling, and feel more self-assured in my own emotions. I’m very thankful for the time Jennifer has spent with me and happy to have worked on a clearer perspective together." 

-Ana, 41

"Working with Dr. Christian has been a healing experience. Through seeing Dr. Christian, I have developed a consistent mindfulness practice that has enabled me to be more aware of my day-to-day interactions and reduce dependency on anxiety medication. She also introduced me to the Enneagram, which has helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and how I interact with others in my life."

-James, 33

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