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Workshops and Presentations

I offer presentations and workshops on mindfulness meditation and well-being to groups, organizations, and corporations in the Bay Area and over zoom.

I developed an 8 week Mindfulness Based Self Compassion Program for the UCSF Faculty and Staff Assistant program in 2017, that still runs today. This course was developed to foster self-awareness, self-acceptance, mindfulness, and personal growth. In this program you will learn tools for emotional regulation and self-soothing techniques during moments of inner chaos. Through practice, planting the seeds of mindfulness and self-compassion can result in the healing of old self-defeating patterns such as self-criticism, blame, and shame. Overtime, and with the support of a group, the subtler qualities of compassion, wisdom, and inner stability can emerge through concentrated mindfulness practices.


Contact: for details about presentations, workshops, and programs.


This 2 hour workshop will teach and explore how to welcome the experience of a broken heart and is intended for anyone who has ever experienced loss. Understanding that the heart is on its own timeline for healing. I will be leading this workshop with Yoga Garden SF teacher Meredith Holt who will guide a gentle flow and restorative poses to release stagnant energy in the body and facilitate emotional healing. I will be teaching practical techniques of mindfulness practice that will deepen your sense of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and inner trust.

This workshop will hold space for the confused, disoriented, and fragile parts of you that long for repair and inner healing. Together we will explore how meditation, yoga, and psychology can facilitate a space of learning and growth.

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