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This 2 hour group format will include 30 minutes of silent meditation and 1.5 hours of group sharing, reflection, and facilitated discussion via zoom. This group is intended for individuals who have a passion for waking up spiritually through meditation, personal inquiry, and self-understanding.

Together we will explore:

  • Non-dual states of consciousness

  • How the relative/absolute work within our lives

  • How to tune into our intuitive and innate inner guidance system

  • Aspects of ego identity that may no longer be serving us

  • Grounding and integration as a way of healing

  • Psychedelic experiences that have brought about healing

  • Ways to be liberated by the truth of our experience

  • Quotes by Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, and more

This group is held once a week and limited to 7-10 people. Awakening Womxn's group is for individuals who have or have had an established practice of meditation. The intention of this group is to either re-awaken your meditation practice or support an existing practice. 

Diversity & Inclusion:

This group is intended for womxn who are interested in inclusion and equality and for those who have the capacity to explore aspects of their white privilege, if it exists. We encourage all individuals to join that identify as women (she/her), women of diverse backgrounds, including people of color and LBGTQ+.


Pricing & insurance: 

The group is $60 per session. This psychotherapy group may be eligible for monetary coverage depending on your insurance provider and plan. Upon request, a superbill can be emailed to you which can be submitted for insurance reimbursement. 

Sign up:

For more info, send a message below in the contact box with the subject line: "Awakening Women's Group". 

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